the subject is the object and the object is the subject.
canvas and stretcher, (leave out the stretcher).
break the plane: canvas thread with its natural color.
take it through the wall to the outdoors.
canvas thread, flown with a kite, downed by the wind and gravity.
photograph it.
gather it up, now the work no longer exists.

My work is sometimes perceived as conceptually based work.
Funny, I don’t see my work as conceptually based at all.
My work is actual, it is the canvas thread on the ground (outdoors). I photograph it because it only exists for about 1/2 an hour, and then it’s gone. I work outdoors because of Lucio Fontana. After he cut his canvases, which incidentally (showed the wall), he then began to cut the wall itself. I am just influenced by that action. So I see my work as very physical and a very real painting, canvas thread, with its own inherent color, living temporarily outdoors.