the subject is the object and the object is the subject.
canvas and stretcher, (leave out the stretcher).
break the plane: canvas thread with its natural color.
take it through the wall to the outdoors.
canvas thread, flown with a kite, downed by the wind and gravity.
photograph it.
gather it up, now the work no longer exists.

I am an abstract painter.
I deconstruct the physical painting object.
Since the beginning of the history of abstract painting, paintings were self
referral reflecting their own making. The object (the painting) became the
subject (of the painting), and the subject became the object.
I became increasingly familiar and influenced by painters and sculptors that
worked with self referral and challenged the gallery walls and material
structure of the painting. These artists worked in the service of advancing
abstract painting. (i.e. Lucio Fontana’s work, etc.).
While many artists use canvas as a background to paint on, Fontana and a
few others used canvas with paint as their subject. Their work influenced
I found my own direction however when I realized that canvas, and canvas
threads, already had color. The color was inherent. The canvas did not need
applied color. So, over time, raw canvas and raw canvas thread became my
object and my subject (with their natural colors).
I became increasingly interested in deconstructing the gallery and studio
walls also.
Around 1977 I made a work outdoors by flying a kite.
In 2007 I began to travel to New York City parks in all Five Boroughs and
make works using a kite with canvas thread. The works are formed with a
falling kite, the wind and gravity.
My work deconstructs the painting, and deconstructs the gallery at the same
These outdoor canvas thread works only exists for about ½ hr. I photograph
the work, then gather it up and leave the park.
Now the work no longer exists, it’s gone.
My work is temporary like life.
Edward (Bud) Shalala