the subject is the object and the object is the subject.
canvas and stretcher, (leave out the stretcher).
break the plane: canvas thread with its natural color.
take it through the wall to the outdoors.
canvas thread, flown with a kite, downed by the wind and gravity.
document it.
gather it up, now the work no longer exists.
I was invited to take a tour of a major manufacturing
plant that makes artists paints.
The tour was led by the Head Chemist of the plant.
As we walked I asked the Head Chemist; “What is the Definition of Paint”?
He replied ” A Colorant and a Binder”.
I asked “What is a Binder”?
He said “any liquid”.
I said “Humidity is a liquid and is everywhere”,
He said “Yes”,
I then asked “Doesn’t everything have Color”?
He said “Yes”,
I said “So all things are Paint”?
He said “Yes”.